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To do| Fixin Diaries #BrunchandRide

This article originally appears on . All images courtesy of Sleepless in Soweto.


Yummy brunch by The Bowery and a fun cycle around Soweto- hosted by our friends at Fixin Diaries- à la Solange was the order of the day this past Saturday.

Some of you may already be familiar with from our post about them a while ago. If you missed it, read all about them

The idea to host the Ladies #BrunchandRide came about as the team had noticed that few women were attending their weekly Sunday rides. After doing some research, they quickly realised that many women were keen to cycle but didn’t know where to even begin in getting a group of like-minded ladies to cycle with. So the Ladies #BrunchandRide was the perfect way to bring together women from all over the city to take the streets. Whether an avid cyclist or a newbie looking for a fun way to stay fit, the ride aimed to grow the culture of cycling among us all. The day started off with a delicious, sustainable fillet steak and rocket croissant made by The Bowery. And for the newbie cyclists or those looking to polish up their skills, the team gave lessons to get us all ready to hit the road. The ride was a ton of fun as many onlookers and drivers cheered us on. I think seeing a group of beautiful ladies cycling around was definitely a sight for the people of Soweto!

To make sure that we all stayed safe, we had some handsome lads guiding us through the hood. All the ladies were super supportive of one another; even when many of us underestimated our fitness levels and could be seen pushing our bikes up some of the treacherous inclines. The Fixin Diaries saying- “Never Leave A Homie Behind”- could not have been more true during those times LOL.

At the end of it all, we think the Fixin team did an amazing job and we can’t wait to attend the next ride.

xx Moli & Ramone


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